About Us

Indlegal.com is a comprehensive legal research tool which is used by both lawyers and lay-men. The site collates, organizes a user friendly collection of links to various national and international legal sites.

Special Emphasis is  given to Indian Statutes, The Indian Constitution, The Supreme Court, and other High Courts of India. The site also provides links to the most recent and important judicial precedents passed by these courts. In addition, the site also offers interesting  snippets of current events. The site is categorized subject wise, each page focusing on a different aspect of  law.

Emphasis is also given to Commercial Law, International Law, Intellectual Property, Arbitration & ADR, Consumer Law & Human Rights & Cyber Laws.

Indlegal.com boasts of a unique service, providing monthly updates to Current Labour Reports. These Reports document  judgments on relevant labour issues from all over the country.

indlegal.com is edited by Chander Uday Singh and Dhaval Mehrotra.